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Finding the Balance: How Chefs Stay in Shape

With busy restaurants to manage, cookbooks to write, and television shows to host, it’s a wonder how chefs find their peace of mind. So how do these culinary world darlings maintain stability at work and in life? Lourdes Castro, Doreen Colondres, Aran Goyoaga and Chef LaLa share with us their workout routines, favorite energy boosting snacks, and tips for staying healthy.

Lourdes Castro

Cookbook author, chef, and registered dietitian, Lourdes Castro strives to live each day with a healthy mind and spirit. She relies on running and leafy greens to keep her healthy, and sane.

“They are both so ingrained in my routine that when I remove either of them for any length of time, I feel totally off,” says Castro, who looks forward to her runs and always makes sure to have one meal a day that revolves around a leafy green. She favors arugula, spinach, kale and watercress, and shares her Garlicky Spinach recipe as a personal favorite.

“One doesn't gain or lose health in a day. Think about your habits and see where you can create a healthy, daily, long term routine for yourself.”


Chef LaLa

As a chef, certified nutritionist and busy mom, Laura Diaz, “Chef LaLa,” knows about every secret to sustaining energy throughout the day. To avoid feeling deprived, she recommends choosing foods that are all natural, such as fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

“I have found that a Paleo Diet works to help me manage my weight without feeling hungry,” says LaLa. “I often prepare meals that are quick and easy, like my recipe for Carne Asada Fajitas.”

Knowing that finding the time to balance everything is important, LaLa has taken up a few exercises classes, before finding a favorite in spinning.

Like many moms, LaLa’s son Maddox is one of the many reasons why health and exercise is so important to her. “Being a great example to my son is the biggest contributor to me staying healthy,” she says.

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