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Cookbook Shelf: Small Plates, Sweet Treats

Cookbook Shelf: Small Plates, Sweet Treats

Cooking has always been a way of life for Aran Goyoaga. Part of a long line of pastry chefs and farmers, her childhood in Spain’s Basque Country revolved around the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and the sweet smell of milk with cinnamon and vanilla simmering on the stove in her grandparents’ pastry shop.  After moving to Florida to start a family, she found solace in cooking, which kept her grounded and close to her family back home. Realizing that her love of cooking was more than a hobby, she enrolled in culinary school to become a pastry chef.

In 2008, Goyoaga started a blog to chronicle her original recipes and family stories. Cannelle et Vanille, which means cinnamon and vanilla in French and evokes the aromas of her childhood, quickly developed a loyal following.  In 2009, Goyoaga and her children were diagnosed with gluten intolerance and it seemed their lives would change forever.  But after Goyoaga began cooking, baking, and writing about her new gluten-free lifestyle on her blog, her readership skyrocketed.

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