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Cookbook Shelf: Pati's Mexican Table

Cookbook Shelf: Pati's Mexican Table Main

Approaching a new cuisine, whether it offers the easy familiarity of Italian or novelty of Indian or Thai, can be a daunting experience for home cooks. We may hunt down the requisite ingredients and go all in to prepare an elaborate meal, but the effort required often makes it a one-time performance that is rarely repeated. 

In Pati's Mexican Table: The Secrets of Real Mexican Home Cooking, the first cookbook from Pati Jinich, Jinich is not looking for culinary tourists but converts.  Host of the public television series of the same name and official chef of the Mexican Cultural Institute based in Washington, DC, Jinich shares her passion for the Mexican home-style cooking she grew up with in Mexico City.

WATCH: Pati’s Mexican Table premieres new season on PBS

“I’m hoping people who get the book will love these recipes so much that they will become theirs and staples in their own kitchens,” says Jinich.

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