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Are You a Conscientious Cook? 5 Ways to Save Time, Energy, and Money in the Kitchen

We're talking to organization expert Melanie Graham at The Container Store for kitchen fixes that will not only save you energy and time, but money as well. We've already covered small changes. Up next, the big things! 

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Make Your Kitchen Appear Larger

Don’t have the money to expand your kitchen? No problem. Creative solutions like removing cabinet doors to expose glasses and dishes can give your kitchen a more open feel.

“The average person opens their kitchen cabinets 15 to 20 times a day so having this area in order will go a long way to creating a clutter-free kitchen that is a pleasure to relax in,” said Graham of updating and refurbishing cabinet doors.

Paint the back of the cabinet a fun color like aqua or orange to make the space pop. If you don’t want to remove your cabinet door, opt for a glass door that exposes a bit more light, while still keeping dishes in their place.

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