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Sharpen Up: A Guide to Buying Kitchen Knives

What Type of Knives Do You Need

Sure, buying a 42-piece set sounds appealing but just take a moment. Sherwood and Estee say first you should think about the types of knives you use.

“The three knives that will accomplish most cooking tasks are the paring knife, serrated knife, and chef’s knife,” Sherwood said.

Just in case that sounded foreign: paring knives are small knives used for small items like slicing veggies or fruit. Serrated knives are for slicing delicate items such as bread, cakes, and tomatoes. And a chef’s knife is the kitchen workhorse, it's used for chopping and slicing everything from protein to veggies.

So think about the types of dishes you normally prepare and then choose appropriately. For what you cook and who's using the knife.

“Remember all of these knives come in a variety of sizes,” Sherwood said. “You can get a 3-or 4-inch pairing knife or a 4-to-10-inch chef’s knife."

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