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Fun and Fast Ideas for Kids' Lunches: Banana Strawberry Snake [Video]

Sometimes, it's ok to play with your food. Especially if that means, you'll eat it! We're looking for ways to spice up school lunches and found a great one in these strawberry and banana snakes from lifestyle expert Evette Rios!

To make this cute snack, just slice up bananas and strawberries then layer them in that familiar snake curl. And with a bit of frosting and some chocolate chips, make a friendly snake face! For more fun and fast ideas, check out this video for quinoa zucchini balls!

Evette Ríos is a Puerto Rican-born television host, lifestyle expert, cook, writer, and Director of Development at Latina Media Ventures. A former field correspondent on ABC’s The Chew and design contributor on Rachael Ray, Evette now hosts CBS’ Recipe Rehab, wherein she and other celebrity chefs provide healthy alternatives to popular dishes. Her Puerto Rican roots, love of travel, and fond memories of home-cooked meals with her family inspire her culinary interests. She lives in New York with her husband, Stephen, and their dog, cats, and pet dove.

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