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Easy Make Ahead Breakfasts: Chorizo and Potato Casserole [Video]

It can be difficult to get out the door on time in the mornings, even more so with a healthy and delicious breakfast. But as we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and lifestyle expert Evette Rios is here to show us how to whip up something worth waking up early for.

This chorizo and potato casserole is a riff on the classic Spanish tortilla. The casserole is built with a layer of baked potatoes sauteed with onion and jalapeno, topped with spicy chorizo, and baked in a mix of eggs and cream of mushroom soup. Topped with cheese, the casserole is baked until golden and cheesy. The best part: you can prep the casserole the night before and have breakfast ready in no time. And for more easy Latin recipes, click here.

Evette Ríos is a Puerto Rican-born television host, lifestyle expert, cook, writer, and Director of Development at Latina Media Ventures. A former field correspondent on ABC’s The Chew and design contributor on Rachael Ray, Evette now hosts CBS’ Recipe Rehab, wherein she and other celebrity chefs provide healthy alternatives to popular dishes. Her Puerto Rican roots, love of travel, and fond memories of home-cooked meals with her family inspire her culinary interests. She lives in New York with her husband, Stephen, and their dog, cats, and pet dove.

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