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Kitchen Hacks: How to Store Thanksgiving Leftovers

Let's be honest: when the holiday meal is over, the best is yet to come. For many of us, it’s not Thanksgiving dinner we look forward to all year but the leftovers. Maybe you like to sneak a piece of that pumpkin pie for breakfast or perhaps it’s the turkey sandwiches in between shopping on Black Friday you’re waiting for, or if you’re creative in kitchen, it might be that you’re looking forward to turning that stuffing into frittatas.

No matter what leftovers you’re craving though, in order to enjoy them, you need to know the storage rules. TLK spoke with Kelsey Nixon, host of Kelsey’s Essentials on the Cooking Channel and Steve DeShazo, Director of the Food & Hospitality Institute at El Centro College to find out just how long those delicious Thanksgiving treats will stay edible and how you can keep them fresh. Here are the rules.

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