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8 Latin-Flavored Craft Beers To Start Your Summer Right

Beer drinking is on the rise. In fact, beer, craft beer in particular, is getting so popular that we're currently celebrating American Craft Beer Week from May 13-19th and the trend is only gaining momentum. Celebrity chef Rick Bayless, who we all know for his Mexican culinary chops, recently announced that he will be teaming up with the distributors of Corona and Negra Modelo to create his very own craft beer.

He's not the only one working on a Latin-inspired craft beer, though. Latinos are conquering the craft beer world with some true sabor. Ready for your own cold brewski? Try one of these 8 Latin-flavored craft beers--and get ready to start your summer right!

The 8 Latin-flavored craft beers continue on page 2. To see the full list, visit Latina.com.


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