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Watch: How to Make a Classic Mojito

When the heat of summer is almost to much to take, head to your bar and bust out the rum, it's time for a mojito. 

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4 Hot Tequila Cocktails to Keep You Warm All Winter Long
4 Hot Tequila Cocktails for When It's Freezing Outside

Come in from the cold and warm up to these cozy cocktails. Bonus: With rich ingredients like coffee, chocolate, ginger and cocoa, they can double as dessert.

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Booze News: How Long Can You Keep Alcohol?
Does Alcohol Go Bad? The Definitive Booze News Guide

Hard fact: alcohol does not, in fact, last forever. We know, how could that be? Well, every day factors like temperature and the amount of sunlight a bottle gets can in fact change the flavor and amount of booze in the bottle. It’s science.

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Fact vs. Fiction: Bacardi Rum Isn’t from Puerto Rico

Though most people associate a glug of Bacardi with a tropical cocktail, sipped while strolling the grounds of El Morro or lying on a white sandy beach… Bacardi isn’t actually Puerto Rican.

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Tipsy Timeline: The Curious History of Don Q Rum

What kind of rum is in your pina colada? It better be Don Q, the top selling rum in Puerto Rico, where they know about rum (more than 70 percent of the world’s rum is produced on the tiny Caribbean island).

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Florida's Rum Revolution: St. Augustine Distillery Marries Flavor with History

There's a rum revolution going on in St. Augustine, Florida and it's proudly taking place in the coastal city's historic Florida Power & Light Ice Plant. The beautiful building, dating back to 1907, now houses the St.

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Mezcal 101: The Modernization of Mexico’s Smoky Sip

“Mezcal has been produced here in Oaxaca for at least four hundred years,” Silvia Philion tells me from behind the bar at Mezcaloteca, one of the city’s most prominent mezcalerias.

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