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Drink Pink: Summer's Best Roses

There is something magical about an early summer sunset. As long, bright days evolve into cool, refreshing evenings, the play of light from the low-hanging sun splashes a dramatic array of pink tones across the sky. While others see images in the clouds, we take our inspiration from the myriad shades of pink and dream of a long summer filled with many bottles and glasses of rosé wine.

Rosé wine, for the most part, is made from red grapes. It takes its color from the skins of grapes, which are left in contact with the must, or juice, for a shorter period of time than when making red wine. Some rosé wines are a blend of mostly white wine with a small amount of red, especially in the case of pink sparkling wine. Depending on color intensity of the grapes used, length of time allowed for skin contact, and winemaker technique, rosé can span the spectrum from pale apricot blush to strawberry red.

We love rosé in summer because it truly combines the best qualities of white wine and red. A well-made rosé, like a fine white wine, is refreshing and delicious and should be served chilled, but it offers the full nuance of flavor and mouthfeel of a red wine. Some are awesome on their own while others are best served alongside a meal. Best of all, you don’t have to wait until streaks of coral and salmon line up across the horizon: rosé is terrific at lunch or for a daytime picnic or pool party.

Here, our picks for the best rosés of the summer...

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