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Cerveza Negra: 7 Latin Stouts

Stout, the broodingly dark, wicked-good bitter brew has a bloodline rooted in British pubs and German rathskellers. Now we can add Latin cervezerías to the list. Brewers in Central and South America and Spain are cooking up Latinized versions of this creamy, full-bodied beer style.  

“A growing number of Latin breweries are producing very good stouts, commonly referred to as cerveza negra, or black beer,” says Eric Lorberfeld, owner of Growlers Beer Bistro in Tuckahoe, New York. “This beer style has its roots in Germany, and since Argentina is a country with many German immigrants, it’s no coincidence that Argentina’s best-known brewery, Quilmes, produces one of the region’s best stouts.”

Beer is no stranger to Latin America, in fact, the first brewery in the Americas was founded in Mexico in 1542. Fast-forward to 1959, when a group of Latin American beer makers met in Lima, Perú to establish the Asociación Latinoamericana de Fabricantes de Cerveza (the Latin American Association of Beer Manufacturers), known today as Cerveceros Latinoamericanos.

Brendan Woodcock, a certified Cicerone and independent beer consultant in New York, notes that Mexico’s fleeting period of Austro-Germanic rule under Maximilian I added an Austrian influence to local brewing traditions.

“In the absence of readily available hops, both Mexican and Brazilian brewers have been free to use local ingredients,” Woodcock adds. “In Spain, brewers had no historical brewing tradition to follow, which meant total freedom of creativity.”

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