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5 New Spring Cocktails to Replace Your Same Old Snoozy Sips

If you like Mojitos, then try...

When done right, a mojito is a feat of engineering: sweet and light but not syrupy. To recreate that feeling, try a Latino mint julep. It has all the refreshing minty flavor of a mojito but with the added oaky smokiness of bourbon. This one is particularly great if you also enjoy aged rum.

If you like Sangria, then try...

Do you prefer your fruit to be soaked in booze? If you answered yes, this Cynar No. 1 Cocktail is the way to go. Made with the classic Italian liqueur, citrus, and your favorite mixer (try it with ginger ale), this cocktail balances bitter with bubbly and sweet. Add a scoop of your favorite spring and summer fruits to recreate that punch feeling.  

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