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Nichole Fratangelo

Nichole Fratangelo is a freelance writer for The Latin Kitchen and Latina.com. Her Italian-Chilean roots are strongly based in her mother's home-cooked meals and endless family dinners. A recent graduate of Quinnipiac University, Nichole's passion for food and travel were brought to life during her semester spent living in Spain, and traveling to other countries including Portugal, London, and Morocco. She is still dreaming of Sunday paella, churros con chocolate, and the sweetest sangria.
Future Fruit: Chinese 'Space Mangoes' Will Change the Way You Eat Produce

Does climate change mean fruit may one day refuse to grow the old fashioned way? You know, in soil, on earth, with a good amount of sunshine and water?

The answer may be yes, because while some deny the truth of climate change, future fruit is very real: China is growing interstellar fruit.

That's right. China just retrieved mango seeds planted and grown by radiation from a 33-day mission aboard the Shenzhou-11 spacecraft. Chinese scientists were excited to share their innovation on TV and show off the "baby mangoes in glass jars." 

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Watch These Brave Souls Try the Flamin' Hot Cheetos Bagel
How far does your Flamin' Hot Cheetos addiction go?
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Airbnb Debuts New Harlem-Centric Food & Culture Tours

Airbnb is no longer just for scoring a cool one-night stay on a weekend getaway. The company recently rolled out local-led immersions called Experiences that invites people to enjoy the beauty of Harlem in a new, hands-on way.

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'Harry Potter' Super Fans Can Now Treat Themselves to Butterbeer Ice Cream

It's not too often that a dessert comes along that impresses award-winning novelist J.K. Rowling, but this sweet treat is different.

Yuengling Ice Cream has added Butterbeer ice cream to its flavor lineup which is sure to send HP fans soaring on their broomsticks in happiness. Each pint of the ice cream is made with half buttercream ice cream, half butterscotch, and with a twist of butterscotch swirl.

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Disneyland's Sparkly Gold Churros Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Tinker Bell's magic fairy dust is so powerful that it made churros even more delicious than they already are.

Disneyland's New Orleans Square will soon be rolling out Golden Churros, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The entire park is getting a makeover to celebrate the ride, which first appeared back in 1967. Other speciality food items will include Calypso Caribbean Chicken Stew, Buccaneer Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and Lost Treasure Beignets.

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Heinz Takes Inspiration from 'Mad Men' for Latest Campaign Ad

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Heinz ketchup is seriously trying to applaud Don Draper.

The condiment brand is using the Mad Men character's campaign idea, just as it appeared on the episode in 2013. The original ad show foods such as burgers and fries that are usually eaten with ketchup and the words "Pass the Heinz" on the top.

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Why Eva Mendes Just Can't Quit Rice & Beans

At last, one Hollywood celebrity has admitted to eating carbs. 

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Cafecito: TLK Talks International Women's Day & Crazy Food Videos

This week on 'Cafecito', the ladies of TheLatinKitchen honor female chefs and women in food, in celebration of International Women's Day. After a discussion on all things #GirlPower, TLK talks more hot topics you don't want to miss.

Watch the video above!

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