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Laura Herrera Torres

9 Cool Summer Ceviches
All About the Surf with Fresh Ceviches Recipes!

Tart, refreshing, and way easier than grilling! What's not to love?

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Camila Mendes Ate Bugs and It's a Big Deal
Camila Mendes Eats Bugs: Celebs Going Green with Food (and Why You Should, Too)

Camila Mendes, the Riverdale actress on the CW, went on a trip to Mexico and sampled the local cuisine... including crickets, and ants, and grasshoppers, oh my! The 22 year-old recently posted an Instagram video of herself nonchalantly eating bugs like you would snack on french fries. 

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La Taqueria Wins "America's Classic" Award from JBF
La Taqueria Wins "America's Classic" Award from James Beard Foundation

Earlier today, La Taqueria, a mainstay in San Francisco's Mission District, was named one of “America’s Classics” by the James Beard Foundation.

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10 Latin American Delicacies
Would You Eat This: 10 Scary Latin Foods For Halloween

From pig feet to corn fungus, these Latin American delicacies aren't for the faint of stomach. Are you daredevil enough to try them?

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