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Corinne Cole

Trader Joe's Churro Bites
Snack Lovers, Rejoice! Trader Joe’s Is Now Selling Churro Bites

If you love to snack, and love a good churro stick even more, you’re going to be as excited as we are about this latest food news. Trader Joe’s just unveiled one of their latest treats, and what’s sure to be our new obsession: churro bites.

Per the company website, the cornmeal based puffs are baked and covered in cinnamon and caramalized brown sugar and sell for $2.49 for a 7 oz. bag.

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cheesecake factory
Now You Can Have That Tasty Brown Bread from The Cheesecake Factory Anytime You Want It

Thanks to tons of indulgent dessert options and a robust meal menu, The Cheesecake Factory restaurants are almost always packed. A big saving grace to the super long wait time is the tasty hot bread basket that you can nibble on when you finally get a seat and start perusing that ginormous menu.

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dunkin donuts free tea
Dunkin' Donuts Is Giving Away Free Tea Today for National Hot Tea Month

In case you didn't know, January is National Hot Tea Month, which makes sense and all because it's freaking freezing outside. And to celebrate, Dunkin' Donuts is giving away a free Bold Breakfast Black Tea sachet to anyone who makes a purchase between 10 am and 2 pm, tomorrow January 19.

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Taco Bell Maternity Shoot
This Woman’s Taco Bell Maternity Photos Are Giving Us Life

We’ve all seen about a million maternity photo shoots and they all go a little something like this: bare belly, dramatic backdrop, and some serious posing. Well, one mom turned this idea on its head with a series of photos taken in the most unlikely of places.

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sam's club closings
63 Sam’s Club Stores Across the Country Are Closing Including 3 in Puerto Rico

If you love filling your pantry with warehouse-sized, wallet-friendly goodies, you might have one less superstore to shop from.

As Business Insider reports, Walmart is closing 63 of their Sam’s Club stores leaving around 10,000 people unemployed, some of whom didn’t know they were out of a job until they got to work and found the doors locked and a sign posted.

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New Diet Coke Flavors
Diet Coke Just Came Out With 4 New Flavors. Mango, Anyone?

If you’re on team Diet Coke (and yes, there are def sides in the soft drink game), you’ll at the very least be intrigued by the brand’s latest flavors, and newly designed can.

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pitbull is opening a Miami restaurant
¡Dalé! Pitbull Is Bringing Some Fresh Flavor to His Hometown With a Brand New Restaurant

Mr. 305 is showing his home turf some love with a new restaurant and “nightlife concept” that promises to keep both foodies and fans happy.

The superstar will open iLov305 in South Beach this summer, which will serve a blend of tropical Latin cuisine and American comfort food (think pork belly sliders and guava bread pudding).

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romaine lettuce warning
Warning: A Deadly E. Coli Outbreak Has Been Linked to Romaine Lettuce. Here’s Why You Should Skip the Salad Starter for Now

Salad lovers, beware. Due to a deadly outbreak of the E. coli virus, experts say it isn’t safe to eat romaine lettuce right now.

The outbreak, which has sickened 17 people in the U.S. and 41 in Canada (there has been one death reported in both countries), has happened over the past seven weeks.

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4 Hot Tequila Cocktails to Keep You Warm All Winter Long
4 Hot Tequila Cocktails for When It's Freezing Outside

Come in from the cold and warm up to these cozy cocktails. Bonus: With rich ingredients like coffee, chocolate, ginger and cocoa, they can double as dessert.

Related: 5 Martini Recipes to Make at Home Post-Manic Monday

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La Filosofia Aprons
TLK Gift Guide: La Filosofia Aprons

Tired of dowdy cotton aprons that absorb every splash and dribble and plastic aprons that get unbearably hot after a few minutes in the high temperatures of a working kitchen, the Peláez sisters, Ana Sofia and Carmen, decided there had to be a better, more stylish option.

There wasn’t. So they made one themselves.

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