Chipotle Adds Tofu to the Menu

    Chipotle Adds Tofu to the Menu

    Vegans and vegetarians rest easy: Chipotle is putting tofu on the menu, report our friends at Bloomberg Businesweek. That’s right: your burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, and salads will never be the same (or have to contain meat.)

    In February, Chipotle started testing Sofritas, “shredded tofu braised with chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos, and a blend of aromatic spices” in seven California restaurants and now, the company hopes to roll out the product throughout the West coast by the end of the month. The organic, non-genetically modified tofu is made in California and one reviewer reportedly compared it to “scrambled eggs in a tomatoey rancheros like sauce,” reports Bloomberg Businessweek. And Sofritas have been a suprising success, now accounting for up to 5 percent of sales in the state.

    “We’re expanding the Sofritas test to include our restaurants in the Pacific Northwest this month, and we’re considering additional markets this fall, when we expect additional supply to become available of our tofu,” Steve Ells, Chipotle founder and co-chief executive officer, said during a recent earnings call.

    Though it may not be a surprise that notoriously health-conscious Californian’s are all about the tofu, some are wondering how consumers in other states will take to Sofritas – tofu sales in 2011 were down $3 million since 2008.

    Chipotle execs are hoping that the product will attract consumers who hadn’t thought about adding tofu to their burrito, are curious, or are looking to be more health conscious.

    So tell us, will you be ordering up a Sofritas with the hot salsa and extra guac on your next burrito run?