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Underground Dinner Scene: CockFight in San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica's bustling capital city, has long been known for its beautiful historic neighborhoods and as a gateway to stunning eco tourism... not so much for its food. Expect that to change soon thanks to the addition of CockFight, a new culinary experience on the San Jose scene that promises to delight and inspire. 

A puerta cerrada (private dinner club) with a twist, CockFight brings the local flavors of Costa Rica to your plate. The brainchild of chef Daniel Saenz and front of the house mastermind Richard Nietzen, CockFight is meant to fill a gap in Costa Rica’s culinary options.

Despite the availability of fresh local ingredients, many San Jose restaurants continue to import products for their dishes, resulting in less satisfactory meals. At CockFight, the menu showcases the bounty of Costa Rican produce and combines the traditional recipes of generations past with modern culinary techniques. It's a gourmet meal with local flavor in a cool atmosphere.

So clear your schedule, make a reservation, and experience another part of Costa Rica's pura vida. The next pop up dinner, Cena Mexicana, is happening September 28. Check out info here

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