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Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's

Just shortly after unveiling their brand new, devilishly indulgent 2013 ice cream flavors, Ben and Jerry's is making another delicious announcement: April 9 is Free Cone Day, everywhere! 

That's right. All day on April 9, you can show up at your local Ben and Jerry's and walk out with a free scoop of your fave flavor. (You can find the shop nearest to you here.) 

So what will it be? Perhaps a classic like Cherry Garcia? Or a newfangled flavor like Candy Bar Pie? We think we'll take one of each and a scoop of the Coconut 7 Layer for good measure.

And though really, we wouldn't mind trying them all (two scoops at a time), there are a few blasts from the pasts that we'd like to see in the shop and in our freezers again. Remember the zesty Marguerita Lime? So perfect for a summer's day. Or the spicy Jalapeño Lime? Cool with a kick. There was also the Aztec Harvest, Coffee Ole, Rum Raisin, and the Passion Fruit Smooch.  Where have they gone? Where, pray tell, is the B&J ice cream graveyard and how can I get a one-way ticket to visit?

So many flavors, so little time. Tell us, what will you be ordering tomorrow? And what would you like to see back on the menu? Let us know at Facebook.com/TheLatinKitchen or Twitter.com/TheLatinKitchen.

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