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Announcing: Mercadito Counter

Bet your deli never had this much sabor: the Sandoval brothers and Mercadito Hospitality are opening up a Mexican deli, called Mercadito Counter, in Chicago this fall.

“Growing up in both Mexico and the States, I came to love those dishes that sit on the axis of Mexican and American street foods,” said Alfredo Sandoval. “I think, especially in Chicago, where there is such a rich, authentic Mexican history, that many diners’ definition of comfort food has some Mexican influence, and they want to see the two cuisines come together. They also need a resource for authentic Mexican ingredients, and we’ll be providing both at Mercadito Counter.”

The casual dining spot, inspired by traditional street stands in Acapulco and the deli counters of local corner stores, will serve up a mix of Mexican staples and American classics with Latin twists.

You’ll be able to order up tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and enchiladas, as well as burgers, chipotle onions rings, gordita sliders, and of course, hot dogs. The spot will also have lots of goodies available to grab and go, including guacamoles, salsas, Mexican cheeses, and tortillas.

Don’t miss: the Mercadito Burger, a rib eye and short rib burger with jalapeño butter, Manchego cheese, and grilled scallions; the Mexican Dog, a bacon-wrapped beef sausage with pico de gallo, jalapeño relish, and crispy bacon; the Mole-Q Dog, a smoked and fried sausage with mole bbq sauce, green tomato-jalapeño slaw, and crispy onion strings; and the Huevos Rancheros with sunny-side up eggs, soft corn tortillas, black bean hash, and roasted tomato salsa.

Still no word on the opening date but we’ll keep you posted! 

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