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What Are Disneyland’s Turkey Legs Really Made Of?

No one panic. Recently actor Zachary Levi went on late night show Conan to plug his new show and in the process revealed that Disneyland’s famous turkey legs aren’t actually turkey, they’re emu. The only problem is that it wasn't true. Disneyland's turkey legs actually do come from turkeys.

It’s the scandal that wasn’t. Here’s the situation: Levi was on the show to promote his new Disney Channel show Tangled: The Series. During the course of the interview, Levi mentioned that he goes to Disneyland often and gets all sorts of perks.

One of the perks of being a Disney employee is that you get behind-the-scenes info, one of which is that those huge turkey legs are actually emu legs.

But unlike the recent real news that Subway chicken sandwiches only use 57 percent real chicken, Levi’s revelation was mere speculation.

According to Walt Disney World’s exec chef, this is something they “hear all the time.” The truth is that the turkeys legs are real, seasoned turkey from very large birds.

Glad that’s settled.

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