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Watch: Irish People Taste Test American Coffee (Including Bustelo!)

Well, turns out Irish people don't care for American coffee. Or at least not the Irish test testers in this hilarious video below.Given a cup of Folgers, Seattle's Best, Dunkin Donuts, and good ol Bustelo, which coffee do they prefer? 

Surprise: none! Well, it seems Bustelo won by a razor thing margin but mostly, all of the testers disliked to hated almost all the coffee: "it tastes like poison" and "it's not as bad as the other one" are not ringing endorsements. 

We turned to the Interwebs to figure out what the deal is there with coffee and turns out that Irish people mostly drink tea (Irish readers: is that true?) or order coffee any way but black (which is how this coffee was served). 

And we have to say, giving non coffee drinkers a cup of black coffee is no way to start the day. So we call for a redo, nay, we demand it! And we're calling our abuelas over to make cafe the right way. 

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