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Watch These Bartenders Fail Bigly at Guessing Customers' Ages

Getting carded at a bar is fun for young, fresh patrons. You know the ones. They just turned 21 and can't wait to order endless rounds of sweet, blue cocktails. It's less fun for more mature folks, the ones who getting buzzed off one glass of wine before making their way home.

But when it comes to figuring out who should actually show their IDs, bartenders aren't pros at recognizing who's legal and who's not. The Cut released a video showing bartenders trying to guess the ages of potential customers, and the results were funny and a little bit frightening. In the video, both experienced and beginner bartenders analyze people on their appearance, body language, and mannerisms to see if they can legally serve them a drink.

Watch above to see the drink-makers hilariously (and helplessly) fail.

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