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Is Tequila-Infused Pizza The Next Hybrid Food?

National Margarita Day has arrived, and to celebrate, New York’s Bodega Negra and Tequila Patron have partnered to create a new, majestic pizza you're guaranteed to love. For a mere $500, the Platinum Margarita Marguerita Pizza can be yours. Why the hefty price tag? It's ingredients are anything but cheap: a lavish combination of black truffles, lobster, and caviar sprinkled over a tequila-infused crust with layers of mango and avocado topped with edible platinum flakes.

In order to merge the tequila flavors into the pie, Chef Michael Armstrong infuses dollops of cream with Grand Patron Platinum and cooks the lobster and mangoes with Gran Patron Burdeos. Both tequilas range from $200 to $500 per bottle.

Kelsey Garcia, the lucky PopSugar editorial assistant who had the literal good fortune to try the pizza noted that while it was tasty, it was a bit hard to work with: “While I was struggling to visually pick apart the pizza's many ingredients, I also had a hard time figuring out how to eat the damn thing.”  

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We suggest pairing the pizza with a margarita. It's National Margarita Day, after all. While drinking won't make the pizza any easier to eat - in fact, it will likely make it harder - it will make you less likely to care that you look like a total slob. 

The Platinum Margarita Marguerita Pizza is available for a limited time at Bodega Negra in its Dream Downtown Hotel location. 

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