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Taco Bell Test Kitchen Opens to Public on Cinco de Mayo

Kids, if you dream it, you can be it. Finally, finally, Taco Bell is opening the doors to its test kitchen and you can snag a spot. If you’re lucky.

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On Cinco de Mayo (no comment), Taco Bell is opening 32 spots on OpenTable for a dinner happening in Irvine, California on May 19. Attendess must be over 21 and are allowed to bring a guest. The five-course dinner, “inspired by Taco Bell classics, but done with a twist,” includes cocktails.

We don’t know how much it costs, but for diehard Taco Bell fans, that's probably irrelevant. The bigger issue will be securing one of the limited seats. Our advice: stalk OpenTable and pray to el ninito Jesus that you’ll get in.

Honestly, we’re not exactly hatin’ here. Test kitchens are cool. People who work at test kitchens are cool. The people at this kitchen came up with a Cheetohs quesadilla and other people put it on the menu.

We just want to be real about what this is. Could it be a gourmet dinner? Maybe. Is it a genius marketing ploy to get people interested in Taco Bell and to draw attention to the fact that Taco Bell has a test kitchen and isn’t run by teenage boys with intense cravings and access to well stocked fridges? Absolutely. Would we go? Yes. 

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