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Taco Bell Has a New Breakfast Salsa, We Don’t Know Why

It turns out, you’ve been eating salsa wrong. Or at the wrong time of day. Or so thinks Taco Bell, which just released a new “breakfast salsa” to pair with breakfast items. We don’t know why.

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Taco Bell has long been trying to have a menu item for every single minute of the day, based on whatever they think you should be eating. And apparently, you can’t just throw any old salsa on those egg and cheese Doritos tacos quesadillas or whatever they’re serving up these days. You need a special salsa. Here’s what they said:

"A bit less spicy, but equally as tasty, Taco Bell’s new breakfast salsa packs just enough heat to complement the breakfast flavors you love, without being overwhelmingly hot. After all, the only thing better than an AM Crunchwrap to start your day is an AM Crunchwrap with breakfast salsa. Now there’s a Taco Bell sauce packet from sunrise to sunset!”

We haven’t tasted this morning salsa so we can’t say what it tastes like or compare it to any other Taco Bell salsa… which we also haven’t had in years. But we can say we put some non-breakfast designated fresh chipotle salsa on our fried eggs this morning and that worked out pretty well for us. So put whatever you want on whatever you’re eating at whatever time of day. Taco Bell isn’t the boss of you. 

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