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Bravo! Science Says Pizza Will Make You More Focused at Work

Watch out, cafecito! A new food item is officially in the running for the "Things That Keep Us Awake & Productive At Work" award.

A new study conducted by psychologist Dan Ariely suggests that the secret to powering through your 9 to 5 is pizza. Makes sense, right? Who wouldn’t want to nosh on cheesy carbs throughout their work day? Turns out, there’s even more logic to it.

Ariely’s new book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations analyzes the details that motivate us to make every move we do in life. As expected, pizza is a major motivator – right alongside receiving friendly compliments from others. When given the choice of a “reward”, workers chose pizza – above compliments and money – as the biggest incentive for getting work done.

May we suggest a morning breakfast pizza, lunchtime Mexican pizza, and late-night s’mores pizza for best all-day work results?

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