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Someone Recreated SNL's Ridiculous 15-Layer Taco

In this weird case of life imitating satire imitating life, watch someone make a 15-layer deep fried taco burrito. No, really, watch.

If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live, you’re familiar with the 2005 skit “Pizza Crepe Taco Pancake Chili Bag” in which three brahs go to “Taco Town” for a “15-flavor” taco that comes in a tote bag filled with chili.

We’re not saying they’re poking fun at Taco Bell, but… So anyways, if you ever watched the skit and wondered how the dish would taste, watch this tutorial from YouTube star Andrew Rea.

Rea is behind the Binging with Babish series and for his 1 millionth subscriber he made the whole 15 layers and taste tested. In case you’re wondering, those layers include a blueberry pancake a crepe, a deep-dish pizza, a crepe stuffed with a scrambled eggs-chorizo-mushroom filling, a chalupa, a taco, and a corn husk. Then it’s all beer battered and deep fried.

It allegedly tastes pretty good. We won’t be posting a recipe for it anytime soon.

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