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The Newest Ice Cream Flavor: Grasshopper

Summer is all about ice cream and we’ve seen plenty of trends out there (including Chrissy Tiegen’s least favorite sculpted rose ice cream). But one New York City spot, La Newyorkina, is taking it back, adding a Mexican classic to their menu: grasshoppers.

We know, we know. If you didn’t grew up in Mexico (or in a culture where eating insects was just what you did) then grasshoppers can sound gross or in the least, a ploy for attention. But for Fany Gerson, La Newyorkina herself, this is totally average stuff.

She told GrubStreet: “In Oaxaca, eating grasshoppers is very popular. You eat them as a snack the way people eat nuts. We get a lot of requests for sprinkles, and this is a way to keep everything we do natural.”

The grasshoppers are the cherry on a vanilla-chili ice cream sundae topped with mezcal-laced caramel and candied orange. The sundae will be on the menu until the end of summer and costs $12. And while that’s a little steep, sourcing high quality grasshoppers isn’t easy. So that’s built into the price.

Though the sundae is seasonal, the grasshoppers will stay on the menu as an add-on. Assuming there’s demand… 

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