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New York Cheetos Pop-Up Has a 1K Waitlist

In surprising news: Cheetos opened a pop up, called the Spotted Chetah, in an NYC bar and people lost their minds. No seriously, the pop up opens today and every seat is reserved plus there’s a 1,000 person waitlist. We’re shocked too.

The Spotted Cheetah is clearly a marketing ploy but it’s a good one. The pop up is helmed by celeb chef Anne Burrell, it’s open for two days (August 15-17), and it serves about a dozen Cheetos-themed bites priced from $8-$22. What can you make with Cheetos? Glad you asked.

You can order up Cheetos-dusted fried green tomatoes, Cheetos-infused meatballs with ricotta, a grilled cheese with a glass of Cheetos-rimmed tomato soup, Sweetos-dusted cheesecake, apple filled-crepes with White Cheddar Cheetos, and more.

Pepsi’s Frito-Lay division, which owns Cheetos, said all the seats (about 300) were gone within six hours. But don’t despair! They’re releasing a Cheetos cookbook on the Spotted Cheetah’s web site later day.

Sigh. We love Cheetos. And we would have gone to this. Alas. We’ll have to make our own Cheetos and cheese sandwiches, just like we did when we were kids. 

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