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New Wearable Gadget Measures Your Alcohol Level

Soon, you may be able to swap out your Apple watch for something that’s potentially more useful: a wearable that tracks how drunk you may (or may not) be.

We’re serious! The wearable is called “Proof” and using a disposable cartridge that comes in contact with your skin, it can automatically track your alcohol content for more than 12 hours (and the wearable itself can last up to four days with a rechargeable battery).

This is how it works: A sensor on the cartridge converts alcohol into a current, which allows the device to track your blood alcohol level. It then sends the info to an app that you can check on your phone and help you keep track of how many you've actually had.

Moreover, Proof can predict how drunk you’ll be later in the festivities and when you’ll sober up. So if you’re planning to drive up home after happy hour, you can check the app to see if that’s actually a good idea.

You can also set up (discreet) alerts so that the device can ping you when you’ve hit a certain BAC level. Want another mezcal? Not if Proof is vibrating, sure sign it’s a bad idea.

And because this is the world we live in, you can also track your friends and family, should they accept the invite.

The company plans to make Proof available next year, for about $100 to $150. Until then, you’ll have to count your own drinks. 

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