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Why Cinnamon Is Good For You: New Study Shows Health Benefits of Canela

Abuela has been sprinkling cinnamon on her cup of cafecito since the beginning of time, but new research is proving just how potent the spice can be.

A study presented at the American Society for Biochemistry and Moleculer Biology found that canela is much more useful than it was once thought to be. Instead of being known as the spice that just controls blood sugar, cinnamon is now known as the "metabolic powerhouse."

Amy Stockhert, a cinnamon expert and the associate professor of biochemistry at Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy, has been focusing on a different component in her new research - Sirtuin-1, a protein that is active in insulin regulation and responsible for keeping your blood sugar levels at bay when mid-day hunger kicks in. Through extensive research, Stockhert and her team found that cinnamon contains antioxidant-fighting properites such as this, which is why it's so helpful to our diets. "It's acting on a protein that affects lipid metabolism, cell growth changes, and the expression of a variety of genes."

So, does this mean we should be consuming the spice by the spoonful? Not exactly. Stockert believes that less than one gram can trigger these benefits. She also suggests purchasing the spice (both whole or ground) from reputable companies, in order to get the most out of its perks.

What are the chances the spice's benefits are just as effective in Cinnamon Roll S'mores Pizza, Cinnamon Apple Sangria, or Cinnamon Golfeados? Maybe we've taken it too far...


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