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New Jersey Gets Weed-Themed Cafe

Weed aficionados, take note: you don’t have to go as far as Colorado or Washington to have a little marijuana-themed fun. Just head over to New Jersey's first (and only) weed-themed cafe, Weedbukx Cafe, opening in Trenton on April 20 (of course). But before you camp out in front of the resto, know this: there's no actually weed here. It's just weed-themed

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The cafe is owned by duo Debi Madaio, an RN with a criminal justice degree, and partner Ed Forchion. Forchion is a fierce advocate for the legalization of marijuana and Madaio is mom a to special needs son who she believes would benefit from medical marijuana. Weedbukx is taking over the space that was formally NJ Weedman's Cafe. 

That cafe was raided in 2016 by police who said that Forchion was selling marijuana. Though medical marijuana is legal in New Jersey, recreational cannabis use is not (and probably won't be until current anti-weed New Jersey governor Chris Christie is out of office). Forchion has filed a federal lawsuit against NJ police for alleged harassment, among other things, but in the meantime, revamped the space into Weedbukx.

All the dishes will be marijuana inspired, with a menu that includes a fish and grits meal called Snoop's Dream; a spicy fried fish sandwich with shrimp and crab relish called the Pothead Sandwich; and a cake baked in the form of a marijuana leaf. 

We wish them well though that logo might be the cause of another lawsuit: Starbucks doesn't have much of a sense of humor when it comes down to marijuana-themed brand spoofs.

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