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M&M's Launches New Flavor and It's Everything You Want Chocolate To Be

M&M's released a new candy today, and it's everything you want chocolate to be.

According to JunkBanter's Instagram, the Limited Edition Strawberry Nut M&M's are now available at Rite Aid stores nationwide. The nuevo spin on the classic is actually a peanuttier follow-up to the Strawberry M&M's flavor M&M's released last Easter.

Though widely considered a classic candy, M&M's is no stranger to innovation. First sold in the US in 1941, Peanut M&M's made their debut just 13 years late. By the mid-1990's, the beloved chocolate brand was selling M&M's in flavors ranging from peanut butter to mint - dulce de leche M&M's were launched in 2001 - as well as an Easter M&M that had bunny, chick, and egg symbols stamped on their pastel-colored shells.

No word yet if the new Strawberry Nut M&Ms' shells will be marked with Easter stamps.


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