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Meet the Inventor of the Choco Taco

Guys, meet the inventor of the Choco Taco: Alan Drazen. Yeah, that’s right. Choco Tacos didn’t just appear out of sweet sugary heaven. Drazen thought them up and to date, he’s sold three billion tacos. That’s three tacos for every person in the U.S.!

Back in the day (1983), Drazen was working for an ice cream manufacturer in Philly and noticed that Mexican food was hitting record levels of popularity. So he brainstormed and came up with a taco dessert and the Choco Taco was born.

After selling out of ice cream trucks and a few Taco Bell stores, Taco Bell HQ came calling and the rest is sweet sweet history. Watch below. And wait for that terribly awesome theme song! 

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