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Make It Stop: 8 Food Trends We Don't Want to See in 2017

For every awesome food trend – read Cronuts, uni, and salted egg yolks – there’s an equally opposite and irritating food trend waiting in line (or on the line, as the case may be).

Here, in my humble opinion, are the most atrocious, annoying, and all-around awful food trends of 2016 (in no particular order).

Tasting Menus

Okay. Not all tasting menus. Just those with more than, say, 6 courses. (And those wherein the time between courses is more than 10 minutes. Do the math.) I love food as much as anyone – more, likely, since it’s my job to write about it – and I’ve been known to order three or more entrees just to taste the rainbow of a restaurant’s flavors. But c’mon, man. 12 courses? 21 courses? Six is my cap. After that, my palate goes sense blind, I can’t remember what I ate two plates before, and I’m my bangry (bored + angry).

Charcoal-Flavored Everything

One word: Yuck. Chefs are artist. On that we agree. But unlike Picasso or Braques or Van Gogh, their medium must be edible. So while we appreciate the “out of the box” thinking with regard to ingredients, charcoal is not something we want to eat or sip.  

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