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How to Fillet a Fish by Chris Pratt


Watch and learn… nothing in this instructional video from Chris Pratt on how to fillet a fish. In a video for Vanity Fair, Pratt stands on the shores of Lake Paris, California and expertly (not at all) fillet a sea bass.

In the video, which is part of the magazine’s coverage of their February 2017 cover, Pratt makes filleting a fish sound fun and funny and of course, makes it look, er, easy. (Sexy?)

Never taking himself too seriously, Pratt charmingly calls out the fish type (sea bass, surprising since they’re so far inland); gives clear instructions like “you start just behind the uh…. I guess this is his fish hand… down the thing… to the bones…”; calls out how there’s no ice to put the fish on; and asks produces to just make it look like he cut out the fish cheeks.

He then “releases” the fish back into the lake. Obviously, there is no real instruction here but it’s still fun to watch. 

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