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How Chrissy Tiegen Feels About that New Ice Cream Trend

It’s summer and ice cream is everywhere and as it happens, new fangled ways to serve ice cream are all the rage. Do we sound like curmudgeons? We feel like curmudgeons.

So there’s the made-on-a-frozen-slab rolled ice cream and nitrogen ice cream and out of California, there’s Cauldron Ice Cream. They serve their ice cream in a made-to-order puffed waffle (which we’re all about) and scoop in the ice cream and top it with honey and all sorts of deliciousness.

So far so good, yes? Yes. Except they then use the ice cream scoop to sculpt the ice cream into a blooming rose. And people have been lining up to get their hands on one for quite a while.

Here’s the thing, the rose is gone immediately cause, well, you lick it. And there’s no other way to eat ice cream than to dig in from the top and thus, the masterpiece is gone. So while we’ll stand in line for high quality eats, we won’t stand in line for an eat whose sole purpose is an Instagram shot. And Chrissy Tiegen agrees.

This is what she had to say in response to an Insiders Foods video of the ice cream:

We hear you Chrissy, we hear you. 

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