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Houston Bakery Jumps On Unicorn Trend with Neon, Multi-Colored Pan Dulce

Is nothing sacred? The unicorn trend, which at this point may be solely responsible for keeping Instagram alive and popular, has spread to once untouchable, perfect as-is Latin treats. A Houston bakery is now pumping out, you guessed it, unicorn pan dulce. Ugh.

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This Lisa-Frank-esque obsession with all things rainbow hued nearly caused a stampede when Starbucks released a limited edition frapp and so far we have no reason to get on board. (Well, there is one reason: when it’s used for good, like helping women entrepreneurs!)

Likely betting that the popularity would extend to bakery items, Houston-based El Bolillo announced a whole menu of unicorn pan dulces including unicuernos and uniconchas. According to the Houston Chronicle, the bakery has gone through hundreds of pounds of flour this week in order to keep up with demand. Que sorpresa.

Look, we love a pink swirled, glitter dusted, rainbow inspired treat just as much as the next person… but only when the occasion calls for it. (Not to mention that unicorns are supposed to be rare.) And we just don’t see the need in injecting everything we eat with ridiculous colors in order to make it seem more… what? Picture-worthy?

Should you come up with a recipe for pan dulce that somehow takes the classic to new delicious heights, let us know. We’ll line up for that.

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