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Heinz Takes Inspiration from 'Mad Men' for Latest Campaign Ad

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Heinz ketchup is seriously trying to applaud Don Draper.

The condiment brand is using the Mad Men character's campaign idea, just as it appeared on the episode in 2013. The original ad show foods such as burgers and fries that are usually eaten with ketchup and the words "Pass the Heinz" on the top.

The classic Heinz bottle is nowhere on the ad, which, of course, worried the company's executives on the hit AMC show. And rightfully so. That would be like having a Cholula's ad with no Cholula's in sight. A risk, to say the least.

The IRL execs from creative agency David, however, are moving forward with the simple ads. “We didn’t have the files, so we had to do a photo shoot,” David’s chief creative officer, Anselmo Ramos, told Adweek about their work on the project. “It needed to look exactly the same, and that was a beautiful challenge.”

The ads are set to appear on billboards in Manhattan, as well as in the New York Post and Variety. The jury still stands on whether or not Cuban rum brand Bacardi, too, will be running the show's original ad.

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