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Google Home Makes Cooking Easier: Device Reads Recipes Out Loud

Ah yes, the age-old question: how do you take your electronics into the kitchen without totally messing them up? Let’s be real, there is no screen protector strong enough to withstand oil from the plantains you’re frying. Well, as with most things, Google can help!

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That’s right, Google Home can now be your sous chef. Instead of pulling up a recipe on your iPhone or Android phone and taking that into the kitchen with you (at your own risk), you an now send it to Google Home and simply tell the speaker “Ok, Google, start cooking,”

Google Home will read you the instructions one step at a time, while still allowing you to backtrack and play music. And Google equipped Google Home with more than five million recipes from The New York Times, Food Network, and Bon Appetit. Not a bad memory bank.

Of course, you still have to buy Google Home (about $130) and classic printed cookbooks are way cheaper but you do you. Happy cooking. 

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