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Flamin' Hot Cheetos Bloody Mary: Yay or Nay?

Cause celery is for losers and lame-os, the Center Hub bar in Irvine, California is doing a whole new type of Bloody Mary, one with spicy Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Are you grossed out? 

So we can't find the menu online but from what we can gather the Bloody is pretty traditional except that instead of the accoutrements like bacon, olives, a cheeseburgers, a slice of pizza (they've been getting crazy with these cocktails, yo), there are a bunch of Cheetos floating on top and crushed Cheetos are used to rim the glass. 

We're Bloody Mary lovers around these parts, we like it spicy and tangy and we'll always order one over a fruity cocktail. Get out of here with that peach sparkling wine situation, we need to get our day going! But, um, won't those Cheetos be all... ugh... moist? (Gag. Gag. Shudder. Gag.) We're sorry we had to use the word but there's no way around it. 

Unless you pluck the Cheetos out of the drink immediately won't they soak up Bloody Mary and disintegrate? And even if you do pluck them out, then you're eating wet Cheetos? Has someone out there tried this? Hit us up. 

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