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Design a New Oreo and Win $500K (Horchata, Anyone?)

We like Oreos just the way they are but we’re curmudgeons and apparently, you guys always want a new Oreo flavor. So here’s your chance: come up with a new delicious Oreo flavor and you could win $500,000. Not a bad pay day for doing something you’ve probably already done. You know: "Guys, you know what you would be great? If Oreos came in a..." 

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According to the rules:

Submission must be a smart and creative design and have a relevant theme to inspire a 2018 Oreo cookie flavor… submission flavor must be delicious and/or evoke joy and deliciousness.

In 2018, the company will actually produce and sell the top three cookie flavors and the winner will get $500,000 and a trip to New York. All for thinking up a crazy flavor they’ve probably always wanted all along.

You can post your idea to Twitter or Instagram with #myoreocreation and #contest, respond to any Oreo social post (don’t forget the hashtags), or text / submit your idea via the website.

Avid Oreo-snackers have already seen a few new flavors pop up, including Fireworks (with Pop Rocks-like candy in the filling) and Waffles & Syrup.

We’re putting our money on some kind of Mexican chocolate, dulce de leche situation. You guys can have that one. 

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