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Cookbook Shelf: Making Food Art in Mi Comida Latina

If you've ever tried to replicate a recipe from a home cook, you know that the proverbial "pinch of this, dash of that," really translates into "until it's got the right sazon!" Marcella Kriebel discovered this first-hand travelling throughout Latin America while studying cultural anthropology. She also realized that cooking with people in their home kitchens, is a natural conduit to learning about a country, its culture, a family's history, and their cooking rituals.

Kriebel's hands-on, intensive cooking classes were augmented by sketchbook journals that she amassed during her travels. This lead to her beautifully produced book Mi Comida Latina- Vibrant, Fresh, Simple, Authentic. In it, you'll find over 100, hand-lettered and illustrated recipes from her travels in and a cocina full of those tried and true tips that help take a dish from good to glorioso!

A feel good bonus for readers: 100% of the publisher's after-tax proceeds will go to benefit Adelante Mujeres, an Oregon-based non-profit that empowers low-income Latinas and their families through entrepreneurial and workforce training and education. Kriebel says, "Many of the women of Adelante Mujeres are starting food related businesses, applying the cooking skills they’ve learned earlier in life and combining them with knowledge learned through programs that Adelante Mujeres sponsors. These women are hard working, and passionate about creating good lives for their families." Here are three of Kriebel's favorite recipes and she hopes they'll inspire you as much as they do her.

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