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Churros Light Sabers Because Disneyland Makes Dreams Come True

Disneyland makes dreams come true. Exhibit A: sparkly sweet churros light sabers. And we want them.

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You know what light sabers are, right? They’re the light up, glow-in-the-dark whoosh-ish weapons Jedis use. We’re making them sound cute but they’re deadly. (Ask a Star Wars fan, who is probably trying to crawl through the computer to accurately describe how fearful and powerful light sabers are).

Anyways, around May the Fourth, lightsaber churros started popping up on social (you know, for “may the fourth be with you”?) but they’re still around. They look like wonderfully delicious average churros dipped in either blue or red glitter sugar and tucked into a saber-esque holder.

They’re only available at Disneyland in California (as far as we can tell); while you’re there, grab these gold sparkly ones too (if they’re still available)! 

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