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BrewDog Might Build a Bar on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Scottish beer maker BrewDog has thrown out an interesting proposition: building a bar on the U.S.-Mexico Border. Insensitive or making a statement? You decide.

In case you’re unfamiliar, BrewDog is a big beer company with tons of beers available worldwide and more than 40 bars worldwide. They’re also well-known for their publicity stunts: they’ve given paid leave to new puppy-owners, are building a craft-beer hotel, and have put beer in a taxidermy squirrel.

And now they’ve announced a plan to build a bar on the U.S.-Mexico border with the catchphrase “Make beer, not walls.” Co-founder James Watt said in a press release that it would be “more difficult” to build a wall “if there’s a BrewDog bar in the way.”

The bar, which would be half in the state of Texas and half in the Mexican state of Chichuahua, would be housed in an old shipping container and serve Mexican beers on the U.S. side and U.S. beers on the Mexican side (and BrewDog beers on both sides).

As for how they company will actually get this done, Watt said BrewDog will just “request official permission from the local authorities” and leave the bar where it is “until someone tells us to move it.” Easy peasy.

While this is clearly a stunt, it’s not a bad one. Watt said that the bar is about “collaboration and inclusivity”. And we’ll throw in “fun.” And those are all things we could use more of. So we’re down. 

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