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Avocado Toasts Get Thumbs Up From an Unlikely Source

Avocado toast, subject of many an Instagrammer’s brunch photo dreams, just got acknowledged by an unlikely source: the Associated Press Stylebook.

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The AP Stylebook is a writer’s bible, listing out the preferred spellings, definitions, and usage for a variety of topics. And every year those crazy kids get together at the American Copy Editors Society conference to talk all things copy (grammar, style, etc..) and release new additions.

This year, there were 11 changes to the stylebook’s food guidelines and avocado toast was added, with this description: “toast spread with mashed avocado.” Thank you for that totally austere and strict definition, which asks the question, did you really need to include an entry for that? And what if the avocado is sliced? Does it count? We’ll never know…

While we admit, we haven’t read our stylebook cover to cover, we’re mostly surprised some the additions weren’t already party of the common foods lexicon: tiramisu, Belgian waffle, frittata, and chimichurri.

Chimichurri, arguably the national sauce of Argentina, is just now getting recognized? What were people calling the sauce served with asado?

The rest of the added words speak to the food trends AP has picked up on: bone broth, confit, kimchi, paleo, poke, ramen. We assume that if the AP is adding them to their stylebook, higher ups somewhere have decided that bone broth is here to stay (so I guess we’ll have to stop rolling our eyes at it).

What would you add to the AP style book? 

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