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America Gets First Official Nutella Café

No, you’re not dreaming: America is getting the first ever official Nutella Café and it’s set to open in just two short weeks. Congratulations.

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Ferraro, the Italian makers of that oh-so-perfect hazelnut spread, is opening the café in Chicago’s Millennium Park and it will work sort of like an Eataly: two floors of chocolate-y inspired offerings plus prepared foods.

For the full Willy Wonka-esque experience, get this, the store is designed to make you feel like you’re walking into a jar of Nutella. There will be white walls with “dripping Nutella-colored embellishments”, hazelnut-shaped light fixtures, and red accents to remind you of the iconic label. We hope they sell that chocolate-y scent in a bottle too.

The menu includes the usual like Nutella in crepes, on pain au chocolate, on Liege waffles, pancakes, gelato, and fruit salads, as well as some savory (and Nutella-less) options like paninis and salads. Of course there will be coffees and hot chocolates, Nutella optional.

Though this isn’t the first Nutella café, it’s the first (and world’s only) official one. Aforementioned Eataly has a Nutella counter in its locations and there have been off brand pop-ups. But there’s nothing like the real thing. The café opens May 31.

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