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365 Days of Tacos: The Man Behind the Tex-Mex Challenge

What are your New Year's food resolutions? Maybe it's to get on a post-holiday healthy kick, or to give it a go at a whole month without alcohol. While most are thinking on the healthier side, one Texas-based reporter is thinking tacos, and nothing else.

Mike Sutter has bravely vowed to have taco-tunnel vision all year long. The food critic, who also runs a personal website, has taken on a challenge with the San Antonio Express News, where he'll hit seven different Mexican hotspots per week - that's one new and delicious taco per day, just to be exact. 

Sutter will be evaluating each and every bite along his tortilla journey. But a taco isn't just a taco, especially when eating one every day for a year. We talked to Sutter on the three most important, cannot-eat-without qualities of a taco. "First," he said, "The tortilla is the make-or-break point. If you’re not starting with handmade flour or corn, you’re already doing it wrong. Whether it’s the fluffy, dusty flour tortilla San Antonio loves or doubled-up corn from an Austin taco truck, if the tortilla’s wrong, the taco’s never right."

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