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Science Says This is the Secret to Craving Control

New year, new you, right? Maybe so, but anyone with a stomach (or a conscience) knows that the junk food cravings always carry over from December into January - especially when trying to keep on an

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Chipotle is About to Get More Expensive

After struggling through a year of scandal and a tragic food safety outbreak, fast casual chain Chipotle is ready to make some changes, including upping its prices, reports Eater.

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Taco Trivia: 7 Fun Facts About Your Fave Food

Having a taco every day doesn’t make you a taco expert, we would know. It turns out that for people who know their way around a taqueria, we still have a lot to learn when it comes to the delicious taco. Here’s what we found out.

The taco goes back a long way.

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365 Days of Tacos: The Man Behind the Tex-Mex Challenge

What are your New Year's food resolutions?

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New Wearable Gadget Measures Your Alcohol Level

Soon, you may be able to swap out your Apple watch for something that’s potentially more useful: a wearable that tracks how drunk you may (or may not) be.

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Dry January? Not If You’re Part of a Couple

If your list of resolutions includes a Dry January and you’re part of a couple, it’s time to call a team meeting. And no, you shouldn’t kick off Dry January at boozy brunch.

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